13KGHT73 Premium Silky Satin Icy White Durag
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Icy White Silky Durag for 360 Waves
Icy White Silky Durag for Braids
Icy White Silky Durag for Locs or Dreads

Premium Silky Satin Icy White Durag

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If you have read our blog on the best silky durag for waves, you will understand why our durag is top quality. Our JustinTime Durag features our logo in various color schemes and is made with premium quality silky smooth satin to offer the following benefits:

⭕️ Protects Your Hair: Whether if you are going to sleep or going to work, our durags will protect your hair from harsh environments.

⭕️ Improves Hair Texture: Keeps moisture in your hair to maintain and improve hair's natural health 

⭕️ Long Tail: With long tails, you can use them to tie your locs in place or let them hang to offer a more stylish and classic look.

⭕️ Long Strings/Ties: We offer longer strings to make it easier for compressing your hair no matter the head size and shape.

⭕️ Outer Stitching Durag Line: We stitch our durag lines on the outside to prevent lines from forming in your wave pattern.

⭕️ Unisex: Our durags are made for men and women and one size fits all

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