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Best Way To Wash Your 360 Wave Brushes: AG Brush Wash Method for Torino Pro & Royalty Wave Brushes

When asked what is the BEST way to wash my 360 Wave Brushes, it is hands down AG's Wash Method for Torino Pro and Royalty Brushes. This wash method will bring your brushes back to life and it ensures no cracking will develop in your brushes. In the video below, I used two curved brushes (one that was cracked and one that was not cracked) and an oval palm to show you how to properly wash your brushes according to the Hair Brush Maintenance Card found in every single Royalty or Torino Pro Wave Brushes Box when you buy a brush from Brush King ( If you want to follow AG the Great, her Instagram page can be found here:

To find the products used in the video, click below:

Krest 6000 Comb:

Hair Brush Cleaner:

Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soap:

Revlon Hair Dryer:

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